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Offroading 101 Experience/Clinic September 14th 2024

This is a beginner’s class for off-roading in Jeeps, Broncos and full sized 4x4 vehicles.


$250.00 – $325.00 per person



About this experience

This is a beginner’s class for off-roading in Jeeps and full sized 4x4 vehicles. In this class you will learn the following: - Vehicle and Off-Road Theory, Complete Vehicle Audit and Understanding, Trail Worthy Modification Advice. - Recovery Gear familiarization. What and how to use each piece of gear. - Vehicle prep before the trails. What to do and why. - Various terrain navigation. Mud, ruts, basic rock crawling, hill climbs, navigating through tight spots - Trail terminology and communications - Hands on guided experience on the trails of Iron Mountain Off-road resort - Post trail maintenance. What to do after the ride is done. - Most of all, have fun and gain confidence in yourself and your vehicle. This will be an all day class. The goal of this course is for you to have fun, gain confidence, and learn a thing or two about yourself and your 4x4 vehicle. Although it is always best to off-road with other vehicles, this is not always possible or desired. Upon completion of this course, you begin to understand the limitations of your vehicle and your driving skills allowing you to intelligently choose excursions and trails to match your capabilities. Prerequisite: 4x4 vehicle. Must be able to go into 4 low. All terrain tires at a minimum would be a big help Length of Course: 1 day (6-8 hours depending on class size) Upon signing up. You will be sent a check list of items to bring (don’t worry, it's all stuff you have around the house). You will also be sent a waiver to print out and sign. If you don’t have a printer, we will have a copy for you at the start of the class. This is Georgia, so expect to have some fun in the mud. Got to love that red clay!

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